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    Meet Jason

    Jason Anavitarte represents Paulding, and Polk counties in Senate District 31.  He a former member of the Paulding County School Board and former Councilman for the City of Doraville where he was raised. Jason was elected by his colleagues to serve as Senate Majority Caucus Chair in 2023.

    Policy positions

    • Taxes
    • Education
    • Protecting the Unborn
    • 2nd Amendment
    • Economic Development

    Government never has any money it does not first take from constituents.  I will never support a tax increase and I never have during my tenure on the Paulding County School Board or in the Georgia Senate. In fact, the General Assembly has passed historic tax cuts and returned money to working Georgians.

    As a former school board member and a father of three children that attend public schools, nothing is more important to me than taking care of our school system.  I support teachers and allow them to innovate in their classrooms. We also must sure our students are prepared for the jobs of the future.

    Not every student needs to go to college. I support a strong technical college system that prepares students to work in a trade. Many of these trade jobs go unfilled because there is simply no one to fill them.

    Every un-born life is a precious gift from God.  I am unapologetically pro-life and have been endorsed by the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and rated pro-life by Georgia Life Alliance.

    It is a God-given right to be able to defend and protect ourselves.  I believe that there should be no compromises in regard to the Second Amendment. We should not have to get a permit or have any restrictions placed on us for something that is a Constitutional right. I am proud to have authored Georgia’s Constitutional Carry legislation signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp.

    So much of the State’s new job and economic development happens in and around the metro Atlanta area.  I am a relationship builder. I will work with each county to advocate for new businesses to come to our area.  As I stated in the education section, we must have a workforce available to encourage new businesses to come and that starts with offering educational classes that will train our students in the skills needed for future jobs. Having broadband that is accessible to all of the district is essential to economic development.

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